Old Bridge newspaper, All Around Old Bridge, featured our hometown NJ girls basketball player of the year, Madison St. Rose and the grant she chose to gift to our program.

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Madison St. Rose, Old Bridge resident, St. John Vianney HS graduate and future Princeton Tiger has won the Gatorade NJ Girls Basketball Player of the Year! Winners of this prestigious award choose a youth organization to grant $1,000 as part of Gatorade’s Play It Forward initiative. Madison chose Old Bridge Hoops Academy. OBHA president, Kristine Grissett sat with St. Rose for a Q&A.

Q: How does it feel to be Player of the Year?
A: It is such a blessing. I worked so hard both on and off the court. For it to be finally recognized, just tells me that my work has been seen and rewarded.

Q: Why did you choose us?
I’ve seen the type of impact this program had on my development as a youth. I was first introduced to this program in the second grade. Looking back, I realized how beneficial it was for my growth as a student athlete. I’ve learned and grown into a well rounded person and a basketball player. Coach Ian also gave me an amazing opportunity to be an alumni trainer. I’m currently helping train boys and girls in basketball fundamentals.

Q: As you look back on your student athlete career what stands out the most?
I have met incredible people along the way that made a huge impact in my life. The amount of advice I received encouraged me to reach for the stars both on the court and in the classroom.

Q: What helped you to stay committed and focused on your game & studies?
I would have to say my drive to become successful. I always had set goals. In order to reach them I taught myself to be motivated and to not be afraid to make sacrifices. I will never regret the type of sacrifices I had to make because without them I would not be the kind of person I am today.

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